About us

Welcome to International LOVE!

We are an international couple Oleg & Viktoriya.

Before our acquaintance, we were both looking for our deeper-self and our place in this world. We were both involved in personal development, learning more about different views of the world, and how everyone was looking for their happiness & soul-mate.

Oleg had a vivid-dream that he will find his wife in Ukraine. Without losing a day, he purchased his tickets and within 2 weeks he was walking around the beautiful city of Dnipro (after 20 years of not visiting Ukraine.)

Oleg was not inspired by the concept of marriage agencies that have dominated the marketplace, and he decided to build his own platform to help men find their love and also meet their fate!

Viktoria was always looking for inspiring and close-to-heart occupation. At the time she was studying NLP (modern psychology) from a famous Ukrainian psychologist….

Viktoriya & Oleg met at a seminar on psychology, because as fate of the universe would have it, the psychologist leading the training turned out to be Oleg’s Cousin. Then the story of their romantic love began…

We were able to find harmony the very second we met each other. Each of us was looking for our higher-self with something new and important in our lives, we found it in each other. That meeting was the birth of something completely new, inspirational and harmonious.

From that moment we went through a long 12 month process of getting our K-1 Visa to the US. We got married many times in different ways and in different countries. We also hosted many parties for men and women in Ukraine. We traveled & experienced many countries and met many people; but we always looked for ways to be even closer, which led us to partner-yoga and Acro-yoga.

Now we are beginning to understand how happy marriages are built and what they are based on. Our personal experience led us to the creation of a new concept for our agency, in which clients not only go on dates and have social parties, but they also experience a deeper fun seminar like immersion while meeting like-minded ladies for personal development and finding their true love!

This deeper understanding will help everyone to understand what it means to be in love and what it takes to build a harmonious long lasting international relationship for marriage.

All of our clients will experience an unforgettable and unique 12 days, during which they gain not only their love, but also a new attitude towards themselves, towards health and towards life!Let’s spend these 12 days together in Dnipro Ukraine!