Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 23
Country Ukraine
City Dnipro

About me: .. I work as a supervisor (already started to bother with this work, so I'm looking for something new and interesting).

I love style, fashion, and photography)

Favorite movies: 1 + 1 (Untouchables), Step Up (street dance) and The Fault in Our Stars

I dream of taking make-up courses to make people beautiful. I see beauty in every person; but not everyone can emphasize beauty in themselves and show their dignity. And I like to show people how beautiful they are, when everything is properly presented.

I madly want a dog such as Beagle, Samoyed, or Husky ...

Hobbies / Interest: I like to dance and sing (although I can’t really sing (smiley) I like to draw and solve Japanese crossword puzzles.

I like to cook something interesting from food I like potatoes in different forms, crab salad, cheese and sushi; I prefer red wine)

About man: I see myself with a man whom I will love and feel his love. Our relationship will be based on trust, honesty, friendship, and the dog with which we will walk and play. What I want most from life is a big & friendly family and a man who also wants this.