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 Hi everyone … Welcome to International Love!!!

Great inspiration has come to us to build everything in a new direction, around who we really are and what we really love to do! We have learned so much in the last 1-1/2 years of being together, and we have completely turned our lives around. We have become more focused on living a holistic & balanced lifestyle and to explore deeply what it means to be in a long lasting, happy & harmonious relationship where two people become as one.

We will be personally hosting and organizing these special seminar tours a maximum of 3 times per year. So just imagine … a group of people who want to find love and who want to start a new life and to change everything for a better tomorrow. We are always evolving as human beings during our life journey … and maybe you have already been thinking in this direction, or this is something that sounds interesting to you, but this Universal Tour is for everyone who is ready to make a significant life change for the better.

We will organize a huge house in which we will all live together…and every minute of our time will be spent really productive and interesting. You will never be sitting around your hotel room waiting for a phone call or wondering how things went…and you will get meet like-minded friends from all over the world. We will constantly communicate and support each other throughout the entire process…and we will always be together discussing your daily experience and your Quest to find your soul-mate.

An important concept of our tours is that you will meet in real life with lots of ladies and not through the Internet on the website. Everyday we’ll have such activities as yoga, cooking lessons, interesting games and so much more. You will have the opportunity to see girls with a more natural appearance…as you would in every-day-life. And we will all participate in master classes from nutritionists, psychologists and sexologists! As you spend such rich and interesting days, every day with different ladies, you will really get a feeling for who you have a genuine connection with and who you would like to spend more time with one-on-one.

We have also learned from the past the girls who gentlemen choose by correspondence or by photos will not create the same feelings that only their imagination has built; because true love and real connections can only happen face-to-face. Only when you see her smile, hear her voice and look into each other’s eyes, can you feel and understand this feeling.

Now you understand why we will live in a big beautiful house, with a lot of territory. After all, to create a favorable environment requires coziness, comfort and interesting situations that we will create for you to experience with the ladies that you meet!

Also you will have one-on-one dates with the girls that you choose. It can be in a restaurant, but it can also be a walk in the park, horseback riding, skiing, skating, tennis, swimming, and many other wonderful date-ideas that will leave you having active fun and help you get-to-know a lady and to feel her energy.

The most important part is to keep an open mind as we go deeper into the question of what we really want from life and what kind of meaningful relationship & marriage you would really like to have. Having spent such a unique & fulfilling time with a group of ladies…you’re not just going to find a soul-mate, you will understand how you can live life differently and incorporate those positive changes into your daily life experience; to eat differently, to be more focused on your well-being & fitness, to the keep a positive stream of thinking, and so much more…

Ukraine is a healthy country with organic food and ladies who care for themselves. Personally we are not vegetarians; but we eat very tasty and healthy organic food. We are not athletes, but we are engaged in fitness and we will show you what couples yoga is all about…and how it helps to keep yourself in shape and to be even closer in relationship with each other!

Based on this, we decided that all meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included in the tour price! Ukrainian chefs will cook every day for us and you can always find something to your liking and that will be very tasty and useful in the fridge…So just imagine all this!

We also realized that we can no longer be Ukraine Romance as our combined self was re-born as International Love! We stopped seeing romance tours with just parties… and instead started to see a rebirth for everyone who takes part in this amazing journey and life changing seminar experience which will be hosted for 11 nights / 12 days, where we will live as one big family, where you will meet many like-minded ladies, and where we will have a huge amount of transformational information that will contribute to finding the love of your life!

This is Oleg & Viktoriya … we hope to see you soon in Dnipro Ukraine!!!